The Sak – Silverlake Bucket bag color issue
The Sak Silverlake Bucket bag

I’m obsessing over the Silverlake Bucket bag from The Sak but what’s up with the color? Your help please?

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So for the last couple of days I’ve been totally (beyond totally) obsessed with finding a medium size handbag.
Here are my requirements.  It must be about 11-12″ wide, soft leather, black (or tan…), the handbag has to have an outside pocket that will hold my iPhone, not a fold over flap type closure (zipper or magnet preferably), a wide opening, and can be carried on my shoulder or crossbody.
After close to 96 hours of searching (more like 4 or so) I finally found a handbag that I like the style, design, color, and quality of but wouldn’t you know that I can’t figure out what darn color it is?  If I can’t figure this out by Monday, I’m going to move on to another bag.  I need to order something ASAP so it will arrive before my next trip in a couple of weeks.. and I don’t want to give up on the Silverlake Bucket bag.  🙁

Here is my delima

I LOVE the The SAK Silverlake Bucket Bag pictured below and I want the dark amber bag pictured below.. BUT the dark amber on The Sak website and the dark amber on look totally different and I don’t like the dark amber I see on The Sak website here but I love the dark amber shown here on  So which product photograph most closely portrays the true color and which one should I order?

Help please!?
What do you think I should do?

Should I order the cheaper ($118) dark amber Silverlake Bucket bag from website in hopes that it turns out to be the dark amber I see on or should I order the dark amber Silverlake Bucket from which is more expensive ($155) but I like the color shown in the product photograph?  Please tell me in the comments below.

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