Cupcake Bakeries in Atlanta
Atlanta cupcake bakery

Cupcake Bakeries in Atlanta.. yum!

by Alicia in Atlanta Moms Edition

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Atlanta Cupcake Bakery

Did you know that there are lots of Cupcake Bakeries in and around Atlanta?  I didn’t until I started adding them to a new guide on titled none other than.. Cupcake Bakeries.

I get emails from moms all of the time asking where the best place to have a child’s birthday party is, who the best magician in Atlanta is, and where they should by a birthday cake.  While I can’t vouch for every birthday party place or magician in Atlanta I have no problem buying cupcakes from Cupcake Bakeries in Atlanta to try them out.. over time of course.

Check out the new Cupcake Bakeries guide featuring the likes of Lenox Cupcakes and The Atlanta Cupcake Factory.

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Update: Even more Cupcake Bakeries added to our list!

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