Selecting a Summer Camp – How to Pick the Best One

How to choose the best summer camp for your child

by Alicia in Atlanta Moms Edition, Summer Time Fun

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There are lots of  options when it comes to choosing a summer camp making the selection process potentially tedious. The most important thing to consider when choosing a summer camp is your child’s personality and interests. She is the one who’s going to the camp so it is only logical that she choose what camp she attends, however don’t forget about the safety of your child.. always visit the camps your child is interested in before signing up.

Parents should keep in mind the security and safety of their child. It is important to know where the camp will be held, the hours of the camp, if the counselors/teachers are CPR and first aid certified (not always necessary.. important for sports camps though) and what activities the kids will be participating in.   And always consider if the camp will fit your child’s personality. Once you are 100% sure that the summer camp your child has chosen to attend fits her personality and is safe, then she is good to go!

What types of summer camps are available?

Academic camps are the most popular type of summer camp. From math camps to science camps, academic summer camps are sure to boost your child’s confidence, social skills, all the while prepping her for her next year at school.  Technology and computer camps are the very popular among kids these days as well.

If your child is selecting a summer camp based on her interests, it is important to consider what kind of activities she would like to engage to ensure that her time at camp is enjoyable, educational, and socially beneficial. It is important that your child will learn new things and meet new people with similar interests.

If your child loves sports, a lot of camps offer lessons in different kinds of sports like football, basketball, swimming, and tennis, among others. Moreover, there are also summer camp classes for beginner martial arts, and also for those who have previously learned the art.

If your child enjoys music, you’ll want to look in to music and band camps which teach children to play various instruments and some work with campers to develop their singing talent. Acting and dancing summer camps are also popular among kids.

Arts and crafts, and theatre summer camps are great confidence boosting summer camps as kids feel are able to show their talent in drawing, painting, sculpting, and making crafts. At art and theatre camps kids are given the opportunity to improve on what they believe they are good at which boosts kids’ confidence.

Choosing a summer camp should be taken seriously and parents and their child should meet the camp counselors and/or teachers before camp begins to make sure that everyone is comfortable and confident in their summer camp choice.

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