Madelyn’s swimming like a fish in the lake!
Madelyn swimming in the lake

Madelyn’s swimming like a fish in the lake!

by Alicia in Atlanta Moms Edition, Orlando Edition

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I am so relieved that Madelyn is actually swimming now.  She’s 4 years old and has been taking swim lessons at Aqua Tots in Woodstock, GA for about a year now.  You can tell now that she’s very confident in the water. I used to be very nervous when we would swim in the lake when we vacation in Florida (no alligators!), but now I’m more relaxed knowing that Madelyn can come back to the surface if she goes under and she can swim a good distance if needed… and just for fun.
I used to not let her more than 2 feet away from me and it was very hard for me to let her go in the lake or pool without ‘swimmies’ on but at Aqua Tots they don’t allow the kids to use ‘swimmies’ so they learn not to rely on them I guess. Anyway.. check out this video of Madelyn, my little fishy.

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