Last chance for a free bagel from Bruegger’s!

Last chance for a free bagel from Bruegger’s!

by Alicia in Coupon codes

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This is the last chance for bagel lovers and Facebook users to get a coupon for a free Bruegger’s bagel and cream cheese by heading over to Bruegger’s Facebook Page.

To access the coupon, Facebook users can either “like” the Bruegger’s page, click on one of Bruegger’s Facebook ads promoting the offer, or click the tab dedicated to the offer on Bruegger’s Facebook page. The coupon is available one time each to all Facebook users – not just new fans.

Brandishing the slogan, “Everything Else is Just Toast,” Bruegger’s launched the free Facebook offer to give everyone a taste of a truly authentic bagel, kettle boiled and baked fresh all day, every day in each of its bakeries.

This offer ends July 5th, so get your coupon today!

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