O Yikes! 50% off promotion – don’t miss this one!
O Yikes! 50% off Father's Day promotion

O Yikes! 50% off promotion – don’t miss this one!

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In honor of Father’s Day, O Yikes! is offering our readers 1/2 off! If you purchase a 24.7 Slingback or the 24.7 Messenger bag online at www.oyikes.com and enter promotion code “247Blog50”, they’ll take 50% off.

This offer expires on June 5th.

The discount applies to the

  • 24.7 Slingback and the
  • 24.7 Messenger bag

I reviewed an O Yikes! Messenger bag in February of 2008 and still use it.   I use my O Yikes! Messenger bag as a laptop bag and a day bag when Madelyn and I go out to the nature center and need lots of ‘supplies’ (extra clothes, snacks, drinks, etc.).  I also have an O Yikes! Slingback that is great for outdoor day trips as it has plenty of room for snacks and drinks and is a very comfortable slingback.

O Yikes! Messenger bag

O Yikes! Messenger bag

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