EcoDiscoveries environmentally friendly cleaning products product review
EcoDiscoveries safe and effective cleaning products and a giveaway!

EcoDiscoveries – Safe and effective cleaning products review + a GIVEAWAY!

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I hate cleaning. Hate it hate it hate it. I am a fast and furious cleaner which my husband isn’t very fond of but I get down to the drains and baseboards when I clean and they shine when I’m done. But I don’t like doing it.
I recently received some cleaning products from [tippy title=”award winning” reference=”#” header=”off”] – EPA “Designed for the Environment” Champion Award

– Parent Tested Parent Approved awarded EcoDiscoveries “The Best Green Product” of 2008 and 2009[/tippy] EcoDiscoveries and used them to clean the kid’s bathroom today… I actually enjoyed cleaning the bathroom.  What’s wrong with me?
Right off the bat I noticed the lack of harsh chemical smell which is usually very present in household cleaners  of the toxic variety.  EcoDiscoveries cleaners don’t give me that burning headache that I used to get when I cleaned with cleaners that contained harsh chemicals.

EcoDiscoveries™ has pioneered the green-cleaning revolution and continually strives to protect people, pets and the planet byproviding products which are 100% natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. EcoDiscoveries enzymatic products contain no hazardous chemicals, caustics, or irritants. Each product is formulated from plant-derived surfactants rather than traditional petro-chemicals that pollute our indoor and outdoor environments. EcoDiscoveries products are fragrance-free, chlorine-free, ammonia-free, making them completely hypoallergenic and safe for indoor use.

EcoDiscoveries airzyme and multizyme cleaners

EcoDiscoveries’ Glass cleaner is wonderful. It left the bathroom mirror spotless and without streaks.  Now I actually want to clean our windows.. I just have to find the time.

I am a huge fan of EcoDiscoveries Airzyme which helps eliminate odors including stinky kitchen and bathroom odors.  I don’t have a child in diapers anymore, but boy do I wish I had Airzyme when Madelyn was a baby.   My son was preparing for a camping trip so we had to get his sleeping bag and other camping gear out and organize it in the den.   I whipped out and sprayed Airzyme faster than I could move the gear out of the den.. the gear smelled like campfire from the last trip! Yuck!

Eco Discoveries Tub & Tile cleaner

Eco Discoveries Tub & Tile cleaner

EcoDiscoveries offers a cleaner for any situation or room including..

Bathroom, Tub & Tile, Kitchen, Glass, Multizyme, Moldzyme, Pet, and Nursery.  Each product includes different cleaning agents (100% all natural, of course).  For example, the Kitchen cleaner has natural [tippy title=”emulsifiers” reference=”#” header=”off”]A substance that helps an emulsion form, or helps keep an emulsion from separating[/tippy] that are powerful enough to blast through grease while the Bathroom product has natural plant-derived  [tippy title=”surfacants” reference=”#” header=”off”]provide deep cleaning action[/tippy] will give your bathroom a real clean, free of harmful residues

What I love about EcoDiscoveries:

  • Their products don’t have a harsh chemical smell
  • Their products are 100% natural
  • Their products are non-toxic
  • Their products are environmentally friendly
  • Their prices are comparable to their toxic counterparts

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You can buy EcoDiscoveries cleaning products directly from their website and at some local stores.  Click here to find a local store near you that carries EcoDiscoveries products.


We are giving three lucky readers a set of 3 EcoDiscoveries products.  Fill out the form to enter to win.

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