Land’s End Swimsuits – Choose your anxiety zone!
Land's End Swimsuits

Lands’ End Swimsuits – Choose your anxiety zone!

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I am a nervous wreck when I put on a bathing suite.   Even when I was a size 4 I thought I had major flaws.  Now that I am a size 8 and have a little extra weight (from my last birth.. over 3 years ago.. yes, that’s my excuse) I hunt for just the right swimsuit. 

Here is what I look for in a swimsuit:

  • It has to be a one piece swimsuit
  • I prefer black or dark brown
  • My swimsuit must have straps – the boobies just don’t tolerate strapless.
  • A skirt to cover the upper thigh area

I got an email newsletter from Lands’ End this morning telling me about their new swimsuit selection and I thought, sheez it’s still Winter, why do I want to look for a swimsuit now?  Well, I thought looking at swimsuits now might inspire me to lose the 10 lbs I put on since October (medication related, but still).. ugh!

What’s really cool about the Lands’ End swimsuit selection is that you can choose your ANXIETY ZONE!  There are currently about 48 swimsuits offered in the Lands’ End Swimsuit Anxiety Zone section.

In the swimsuit area of the Lands’ End there is a list of anxiety zones buyers can choose from.  Anxiety Zones include:

  • Minimize Tummy-Waist.. yes please
  • Minimize Hips-Thighs
  • Enhance Bust.. no thanks
  • Lengthen Legs
  • Enhance Waist..interesting
  • Minimize Bust.. yes please

I’m giving one lucky reader a $25 Lands’ End e-gift card!
Do you have swimsuit anxiety?  Swimsuits aren’t always cheap but the extra expense is worth it.
Leave a comment below telling me what your swimsuit anxiety is, your favorite kind of swimsuit, and/or your favorite summer beach destination and I will enter every commentor to win a $25 e-gift card to use at on me!  Entries accepted through Feb. 10th, 2010.

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