Vincent Shoes – 9 days ’til Christmas 50% off
Vincent Shoes

Vincent Shoes – 9 days ’til Christmas 50% off

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This is Day 8 of Vincent Shoes’ 9 Days ‘til Christmas where they celebrate the holiday season by offering a different selection of Vincent favorites at 50% off on every weekday through Friday, December 18!

Today’s styles at half off are the always-popular toddler and preschooler Vincent “classics” JIMMY, JESSICA, STAN and BETTY.
My kids have worn Vincent Shoes shoes for years and love them!

  • My May 2007 Vincent Shoes review of Madelyn’s MARTIN shoes and Sebastian’s OSKAR shoes
  • My 2009 Vincent Shoes review of Madelyn’s SUSAN boots
  • My January 2007 review of 3 styles (no photographs..from my old site)

What I’m getting at is that you will LOVE Vincent Shoes shoes. They are durable and stylish and their prices are impressive and to get 50% off of their already good prices, is unbeatable!

Here’s a photograph of one of Sebastian’s favorite pairs of Vincent Shoes:Vincent Shoes review
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