Sound ID: Bluetooth Headset
Sound ID bluetooth headset

Sound ID: Bluetooth Headset – a must have gadget for moms who love to talk on the phone

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My 10 year old told me a few months ago that I really shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving. He’s right. We all know it but a huge majority of people still do it. I have a feeling that a lot of moms still talk on their cell phone while driving even though we know better.

Sound ID 400 bluetooth headset reviewEven thought we shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving a lot of people still do. That’s why a headset is important. Most cell phones are bluetooth compatible now which means that you can use a bluetooth headset. I’m sure you know how a headset works but for those of you who don’t, a bluetooth headset ‘connects’ wirelessly to your cell phone, you put it on your ear and you can answer and make phone calls safely while driving if needed. In most cases have to actually dial the phone number.
I’ve been using a Sound ID 400 bluetooth headset and love it. It fits snug in my ear which has been a problem with one other headset I’ve used. The part that goes in the ear can be adjusted to fit the left or right ear just to my liking.

The Sound ID 400 complements the natural hearing process, resulting in a lightweight, comfortable Bluetooth device that is scientifically designed to feel good, look good and sound even better.
Enhancing the natural hearing experience, the Sound ID 400 successfully delivers exceptional wire-free Bluetooth connectivity, including comfort, acoustic clarity and customized sound settings.

Multiple Charging Options: Standard Micro USB charging connector. Charge from the included AC Charger (100-240V) or from a powered USB port on your PC.

I work from home and am on the phone quite a bit so I use my Sound ID 400 bluetooth headset while at home with my home phone. I hardly ever hold a phone anymore. I can talk while cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Your phone must be within about 30 feet of you but most home phones can be attached to you and your cell phone can be in your pocket and you’re just fine.

The Sound ID 400 bluetooth headset is a well worth it $129 and can be purchased on the Sound ID website here.

Read more of my review of the Sound ID 400 bluetooth headset here.

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