Progresso Panko Crispy Breadcrumbs

Progresso Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs review + coupons and a giveaway!

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You’re a mom, therefor, you are a cook.. and a house cleaner, and an errand manager, and a pediatrician, and a tutor.. ok, I’ll stop now.
Back to being a cook.. I know you spend a lot of time in the kitchen both baking and cleaning.. why not switch things up a little and make the kid’s next batch of chicken nuggets with Progresso’s Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs? You will love them and so will your kids.. mine do!

What is Panko?

Why, it is yummy deliciousness! That’s what Panko is. Don’t quote me though because I’m not sure that’s the exact definition of Panko.
Panko is Japan’s secret ingredient for crunch. A flaky bread crumb with a coarse texture and jagged edges, panko imparts a delicate crispiness perfect for frying or baking. For nearly a decade, panko has been popping up on the plates of fine dining restaurants, but for the home chef, panko has been difficult to find. Not anymore. Progresso Foods introduces its newest gourmet bread crumb, panko, in two flavors, plain and Italian.

Panko breadcrumbs are great to use for baked chicken nuggets, fish, and as a crispy breading for meats and vegetables. 
No, I didn’t make the delicious looking Parmesan Herb-Crusted Turkey Scaloppine (recipe here) featured to the left here.  The food that I concoct bake doesn’t come anywhere close to looking that nice when I’m done with it but this is a great example of one dish you can prepare using Progresso’s Panko breadcrumbs and my readers deserve to see only the most beautifully prepared food on this site! 🙂

Visit the Progresso website to get more information about their Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs, great recipes complete with with pairings, and learn about their other products including Progresso broths which are 100% natural and use high quality ingredients to achieve a great homemade taste. They are fat free, gluten free, contain no preservatives, no added MSG and no artificial flavors. Progresso broth is available in chicken and reduced sodium chicken and beef flavors.

Progresso coupons

Available on is a coupon for $1.00*off any two Progresso products. At you´ll find a coupon for $.50 off a package of broth.


Enter to win a box of Progresso Panko Bread Crumbs, a carton of Progresso Broth, a measuring cup, slotted spoon, soup ladle and a sheet pan for baking!

Win a Progresso panko set

To enter simply tell me in the comments below what your are planning for a holiday meal.. any meal, whether you’re making it or not. Tweet this post and leave a second comment with your Twitter ID for 2 extra entries!
Entries accepted through December 24th. Contents of the prize package the winner receives may not be exactly what is seen in this photograph.
Thanks to Progresso and MyBlogSparkTM who provided with the products and prize pack!

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