Items my kids use every day

A List: Things my kids use everyday

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Here is a list of things my kids use everyday or almost everyday:

  • Nalgene Sippy cups (my 3 year old, not my 10 year old!) – See this
  • The kids wear mostly Old Navy, Gap, and Children’s Place clothes
  • My 10 year old uses a Philips Sonicare toothbrush made for kids – See this
  • My son uses a Compaq or Toshiba laptop, whichever he prefers that day. They are both old. He’s not that spoiled!
  • tatutina dishware – See this

Things my kids use often

  • Zoocchini dishware – See this
  • Tots and Tails Designs baby blanket – My 3 year old carries these everywhere.. literally
  • Britax car seat – See this
  • Nurf guns – See this
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