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Ideal no calorie sweetener – guest review

by Alicia in Food and Drink, Health

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Guest review by Kami Ramsey – Kentucky

I am a stay at home mom of a 2yr old girl, and a 4 yr old boy. When you add my husband to my life I am always busy. Recently we had to move closer to his job where we didn’t know anyone. While trying to get settled in and with him working a lot, we have learned we are going to have to make changes in our life. My husband has diabetes in his family, and he recently found out his blood sugar was extremely high which has caused even more changes.

We immediately started watching the amount of sugar we were taking in. He loves to drink sweet tea and he informed me he was not going to get rid of that. My cousin (Alicia, Editor of this blog!) had a bag of Ideal Sweetener she wanted me to try. I had this bag and hadn’t tried it yet until recently. I was impressed that he really liked it he said it didn’t taste any different than regular sugar. He wanted me to try it with other things since it’s so good.

We will be glad when it becomes available in our area since we have not been able to locate it.

– Kami

More Information:

In independent university taste tests, Ideal™ was preferred over sugar for sweetness, flavor, and overall liking! Our product is more than 99% natural, and is made with xylitol, which is known for its health benefits. Some of those health benefits include: preventing tooth decay, reducing ear infections, reducing the buildup of plaque on teeth (all of which are important to moms!). Ideal™ is also suitable for diabetics, pregnant women, and children and a delicious way for anyone to cut sugar and calories from their diet. 50 count is $2.59, 100 count is $4.59 and the baking pouch is $3.99. (suggested retail prices)

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