Review: Good Nite Lite – a great gadget for kids ages 3+

Review: Good Nite Lite – a great gadget for kids ages 3+

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This is a great gadget for a toddler or school age child or a parent who’s child’s sleep patterns need adjusted… like mine!  What a dream it would be to sleep in until I WANT Madelyn to get out of bed… 9:00a.m. would be great but I’d settle for 8:30.  With the help of the Good Nite Lite she is beginning to understand that she can’t get out of bed in the wee hours of the night.  The Good Nite Lite sun illuminates at 7:30 a.m., the time I’ve programmed it to so that she knows that it is OK for her to get out of bed.  I’ll let you know when I can push the time back to 8:30a.m… which will be.. uh, never.

Good Nite Lite

More about the Good Nite Lite

  • Program the time you want the sun to illuminate in the morning and when you want the moon to illuminate in the evening so your child knows when it’s time to get up and go to bed.
  • It’s fun to look at!
  • The Good Nite Lite features a friendly, glowing moon/sun face that changes from a Moon to a Sun at the programmed “wake-up” time and from a Sun to a Moon at the programmed “bedtime.” Children rapidly come to associate the moon image with the knowledge that it is still bedtime and the sun with the idea that it is the correct time to wake up. During the day, the Good Nite Lite automatically shuts off to eliminate any distractions and to conserve energy.
  • The Good Nite Lite will help your child learn that he/she needs to stay in bed until the ‘the sun is on’ as Madelyn says.

One minor fault I see with the Good Nite Lite is that it covers both outlets so you can’t have another device plugged into the second outlet while the Good Nite Lite is plugged in.

The Good Nite Lite is available online at for just $34.99.

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