Little Tikes Apple Grove Pals Farm Playset

Little Tikes Apple Grove Pals Farm Playset

Little Tikes Apple Grove Pals Farm Playset

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The Apple Grove Pals Farm Playset includes three farm animals, Pig, Cow and Zebra, each with fun interchangeable hats. Madelyn’s thinks it’s really funny when she puts Cow’s hat on Pig and Pig’s hat on Zebra, etc.. Hilarious.

The Apple Grove Pal characters are young, which allows children to more readily escape into the world of make-believe. The Farm Playset has some exciting features for young hands, including a fun elevator and slide in the grain silo, barn doors that swing open, buttons that make farm animal sounds and more! The Farm Playset (and every Apple Grove Pals item) comes with a storybook that teaches children an important moral and social lesson, which plays an important part in a young child’s development.

One problem that Madelyn has run into is that the elevator will come out of the track sometimes.

Where are the photographs of Madelyn playing with Little Tikes Apple Grove Pals Farm Playset? Well, I took the original photographs when my Dad was in town from Florida and they are on his camera! Oops. I am going to try to get some shots of her playing with the playset later today and will post them then.

Where can I buy it?
How much is it? SRP: $34.99
What age is it for? Ages 18 months and up.

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