Our night out at Disney On Ice presents Celebrations!

Our night out at Disney On Ice presents Celebrations!

by Alicia in Entertainment

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Wednesday night, thanks to Mom Central and Feld Entertainment, my kids and I went to “Disney On Ice presents Celebrations!” and we had a blast! Before the show we attended a ‘meet and greet’ where we enjoyed party hats, coloring, yummy finger foods and lemonade. Thinking things couldn’t get any better than yummy finger foods, we were pleasantly surprised when we got to get a photograph with Mickey Mouse (below)!

Disney On Ice - Atlanta, GA

I have never been to a show on ice before so I didn’t have any expectations but I left with really high expectations for our next show because this one was great! There were some numbers during which the little hairs on my arms stood up, not because I was cold, but because the beauty of the skaters and the music was incredible. The kids of course, didn’t look at the show at beautiful and some parts weren’t so beautiful (Halloween characters) but were awesomely fun.

During the show my 10 year old said “I feel like a kid againand that he was having so much fun! A kid again? You’re only 10, I thought to myself.

The only part of the show that I wasn’t too thrilled about was the Halloween celebration. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I just thought it was a little over the top for a pre-schooler which is in the age range the show targets. Also, to put that part of the show so near the beginning doesn’t give the little kids enough time to get used to the loudness and lights before the crazy witches and ghouls are skating, screaming, and singing. That’s my 2 cents about that!

My favorite scene was the Japanese scene. The music and skating was beautiful. You can watch a short video of this part of the performance below.
My 10 year old son’s favorite ‘celebrations’ were Halloween and when the Toy Story characters (the pig is his favorite) came out toward the end of the show. My 3 year old daughter’s favorite parts were the brooms of Fantasia and the Christmas celebrations.

The show was amazing. It was great to see the kids with ‘permagrin’ and the look of awe on their faces when the skaters jumped and spun was incredible.

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