Elephant Umbrella

Sept. 22 Must-Have: Elephant Umbrella

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Today’s Must-Have was inspired by the historic proportions of rain and flooding we’ve had here in Atlanta in the last couple of days. Schools are closed today, our front yard had a river running through it, and there are a lot of people in very sad situations right now, but we are very lucky to be safe in our home with no terrible damage (downstairs playroom water damage) or injuries.

Elephant Umbrella

You have never seen a more adorable umbrella. This wonderfully painted wooden elephant will help protect your little one from the rain, but don’t be surprised, with a fun boing boing “springy” head and a bright pink lacquered finish, your child may just wish for a downpour!

How much is it? $28
Where can I buy it? Little Wonderland

Here is a short slideshow of our minor flooding:

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