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Just one ice cube please!

by Alicia in Frigidaire, Home & Garden

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Don’t you hate it when you put your glass under an ice dispenser, push the dispenser button and next thing you know, there are 20 ice cubes in your glass and on the floor? That’s what happens when I use my mom’s ice dispenser. Like anything, I got used to it over time.

Frigidaire appliances - Gallery Refrigerator
Now that I have a beautiful Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator with an ice dispenser at my house I can actually limit the number of ice cubes that come out! If I want one ice cube, I tap my glass against the dispenser and one ice cube comes out! It’s awesome. I know this sounds trivial but I hate it when ice cubes come pouring out of the dispenser and fill up the glass so fast that they can’t all fit and then they end up on the floor.

Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator appliance

Here is a quick video demonstration of the ‘one ice cube phenomenon’. I sound very Zen like.. like I’m instructing a yoga class or something so don’t fall asleep. The video is about 16 seconds long. Enjoy.

Hilarious huh?

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