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Milkdot PVC-free Lunch Tote

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As the new school year draws near my search for the perfect lunch box goes into full swing. I was looking for a PVC-free and lead-free bag that is insulated and can accommodate a Sigg bottle and bento box lunches. Of course it has to be modern, good looking and easy for my preschooler to carry. After a thorough online search I have found the perfect lunch tote. The Stoh lunch tote by Milkdot meets all of my wish list requirements and it comes in a sweet pink/brown color combo. The Stoh also comes in blue/brown. Not to mention the fact that the Stoh lunch tote is designed by a very chic New York mom named Janet Cho who is a graphic designer and founder of Milkdot. The Stoh lunch box has modern appeal for me and I’m sure that we’ll be taking the tote on outings as well. I’m impressed by the thoughtful functionality of the Stoh lunch tote. For one it can fold flat, a plus for storage. It has ID tag which will hopefully prevent it from going missing, inside pockets to hold ice packs, a water repellent finish, outside pocket for utensils and napkins, and there is a magnetic closure to keep the handles together when carrying the tote.

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