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My new Frigidaire range.. yes it really helps save me time, especially when my 9 year old does the cooking!

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Frigidaire RangeSo I’ve been using my new Frigidaire appliances for about a month now and am LOVING all of them. Each of them has saved me time in one way or another and I am excited to tell you that my Frigidaire range has saved me more time than I imagined.. partly because of my 9 year old! The Frigidaire Range has passed the More Me-Time Gauranteed test.

Sebastian absolutely loves using our new Frigidaire range.

  • Did he cook before we got our new range? Uh, no.
  • Did he prepare food before we got our new range? Uh, no.
  • What gives?  Let’s see.. maybe it’s the Quick Boil feature?  The shiny stovetop surface? The 5 racks in the oven? The huge capacity? The 5 stovetop burners? I don’t know!?

So far, Sebastian has made pancakes (2 days in a row!), the kids all time favorite.. macaroni and cheese, and roasted potatoes.  Yes, Sebastian has used all of these features of our new Frigidaire Range.. as have I.  He doesn’t do all of the cooking after all.

Frigidaire appliances - Range

As I’m sure you are aware, timing dinner can be difficult. That’s when the Keep Warm setting comes in really handy.  OK, so maybe it’s not dinner timing so much as it is MY TIMING.  I can be pretty unorganized (I blame it on ADD) when it comes to preparing meals and will have one part of a meal done before another, so the Keep Warm setting is one of my favorites.  I can keep the food that I ‘accidentally’ finished first, warm while preparing and cooking the rest of the food.  My husband especially appreciates the Keep Warm setting as he won’t eat food that isn’t HOT!

A couple of other features Frigidaire Range features that moms will appreciate are:

· Fits-More™ Oven: A unique rack configuration creates more cooking space, so I can do more.
· Largest Range Capacity with Second Oven: Cook a large meal effortlessly with the double oven range. Offering the largest cooking capacity available so you can cook two meals, at different temperatures, at once.

I can even put magnets on my new Frigidaire ‘REAL Stainless Steel’ Range! I’m not sure when you’d want to do that, but I think that’s pretty cool.

icon-star Check out the entire line of NEW Frigidaire Gallery Appliances on the Frigidaire website here.

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