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Along with back to school time comes birthday parties, school functions and holiday events calling for home baked cupcakes. I’ve already made one batch for the new families picnic at my daughter’s preschool. One thing I’ve learned from my first cupcake experience is that you need the right tools to make cupcake baking and decorating an efficient and fun experience. Of course you can pay $3 a pop for the bakery made cupcakes, but you can also buy the pre-made mixes from LA’s Sprinkles Bakery. They are famous for their red velvet cupcakes and the cupcake mix is sold at Williams Sonoma.

I’ve found that using the correct tip for icing and decorating can save time and frustration. For perfectly swirled frosting that is peaked at the top use a Wilton tip #1M. Wilton has instructions for everything you wanted to know about cupcake decorating here. Another essential for icing cupcakes is an offset spatula. It has a small bend that gives you the correct angle for applying the frosting. It has made my cupcake experiences so much more enjoyable. Once you’ve decorated your fabulous cupcakes you’ll want to transport them safely. A quality cupcake carrier will keep your cupcakes from getting smashed or falling over.

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