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Book review: My New iPhone

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My New iPhone book reviewAs my regular readers know, I love my iPhone.  I love almost everything about it; the phone and the apps are awesome.  The camera though, is not so great but that’s why I have a regular camera!

Whether you just bought an iPhone or you are thinking about buying one, My New iPhone is for you.  The books explains every detail of the iPhone from working with the keyboard to voicemail to how to browse the built in YouTube feature for videos.  You’re not just making calls with your iPhone are you?  If so, shame on you!

This project-oriented book will have you using your iPhone like a pro in no time.
My advice is to buy the book, put it in your car and read it while you are waiting in the carpool/pick-up line at school. You can easily cover a few projects while waiting.

There are lots of pictures making My New iPhone an easy read, especially for those of us with ADHD who have a hard time reading for more than 5 minutes at a time… or for those of us who have kids for that matter.

Wallace Wang, author of the best-selling My New Mac, will show you, step-by-step, how to:

  • View weather predictions, traffic patterns, flight information, and stocks
  • Take notes, text message your friends, and browse the web
  • Customize your iPhone by rearranging icons and changing its wallpaper and sound effects
  • Find and install the best new applications and games
  • Browse iTunes, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos
  • Use Skype to call your family for free
  • Create your own ringtones and get free podcasts and audiobooks

Buy the book at here: My New iPhone: 52 Simple Projects to Get You Started

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Enjoy My New iPhone and why don’t you let me know what your favorite iPhone feature and/or iPhone app is while you’re here!

Alicia Hagan, TMI Editor

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