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“Kids” iPhone app for parents

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A family information manager for parents, “Kids” iKids iPhone apps a must-have iPhone app for both parents and those of school-age children.  “Kids” allows parents to save and have quick access to extremely comprehensive and important information including:

  • Doctor’s information
  • Dentist information
  • Teacher and coaches information
  • Babysitter information
  • List your kids allergies
  • Clothing sizes
  • Favorite stuff
  • Current medications
  • and more

When you set up your children’s information page in “Kids” you can add a photograph from your iPhone and each child’s main page can include 2 pieces of important.  It’s easy to make changes from any screen using the “Edit” button and getting back to the main screen from any screen is a cinch with the “Kids” button featured on the left side of every screen.

Some upcoming features include

  • Push a contact’s phone number or email to contact them from the Kids iPhone app
  • Share information via SMS or email

You can learn more about “Kids” iPhone app via iTunes here.

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