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A mom’s review of the Olive Shoulder Bag from the Coach Bonnie collection

by Alicia in Handbags & Accessories, New posts

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Coach Bonnie olive shoulder bagAnd now for something different!  Moms this one is for you, just for you!

Being the practical moms that we are it is not every day that we would consider spending $248.00 on a purse, but this is certainly no ordinary purse!  Not only is it by Coach, the materials, construction and detail making this a one of a kind under arm luxury.

This satchel featured in Coach’s Bonnie Collection and inspired by famed Coach designer Bonnie Cashin, exudes quality and class, just what we moms want and deserve, right?  The body of the bag is beautifully supple leather in an Olive Green with accents in apple green leather.  Delicious!  The metal openings are covered with the same apple green leather which is a touch not expected in this price range.Coach Bonnie - Olive Shoulder Bag

The satchel is expandable by about two inches by activating the robust zipper around the bottom.  What do you see but a beautiful inset green leather expansion gusset?  This just gets better and better!

The leather and synthetic strap is removable turning this piece into a clutch that will simply make you feel good!

Of course we can’t forget the interior which is beautifully finished with a zippered pocket and a slide-in pocket.

Don’t forget, moms this one is for you because you cannot get diapers, bottles, fruit juice, or a days’ supply of wet wipes in this bag so you won’t be tempted.

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