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News: I’m breaking up with my old appliances

by Alicia in Frigidaire, New posts

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Frigidaire Test Drive Mom

The breakup is scheduled for the end of the month. I told them it’s not them.. it’s me. I don’t want to hurt their feelings as we’ve had some good times.

Here’s the story.. Mom Central recently offered an unknown number (to me) of mommy bloggers the opportunity to be a Test Drive Mom for a new line of appliances. The application stated that 40 applicants would receive one appliance and 8 additional applicants would be chosen to receive all 5 appliances.

I am thrilled to announce that I am a Smalllogo Test Drive Mom and was chosen to receive 5 newSmalllogo appliances! Now you see why I’m breaking up with my old appliances.

Over the next couple of months I will post personal reviews, photographs, and videos of my experiences with my new Smalllogo appliances.

Frigidaire Test Drive Mom

About Frigidaire’s new collection and how you can participate:

This month Smalllogo rolls out a brilliant new collection with more than 250 kitchen and laundry appliances, just in time for Mother’s Day! They designed these high-performance products with easy-to-use, time-saving features to give Moms more free time away from the kitchen and laundry room. A dream come true!

I am so excited about the time I will save just by using these new appliances. No more wondering if my 30+ year old washing machine is going to go ka-put mid-wash or running the dryer for 2 cycles just to get the clothes dry. My washing machine was purchased by my parents when I was about 2 years old! It’s been running for over 30 years and for that I am grateful.

Smalllogo recently conducted a survey to get a window into moms’ lives.
The Smalllogo Motherload Index revealed that Moms log more overtime than most Americans. Imagine that! The index found that moms spend most of their waking lives – 200 hours each month, in fact – doing the activities we least enjoy rather than the things we love. And yet the majority of us say we “rarely” or “never” feel caught up on our household tasks. Smalllogo kept all of this in mind when designing their new appliances. With new features such as a six-minute PowerPlus™ preheat time on their ovens, a Quick Clean dish washing cycle that cuts the time it takes in half to clean our dishes, the Fits-More™ Dryer that allows us to dry the whole family’s clothes at once, and TimeWise™ technology to make the dryer and washing cycle equal, we can have enough time to read a few extra bedtime stories, or bake some cookies!Smalllogo has so much confidence in the efficiency of these products that they are offering a “More Me-Time” Guarantee: Moms will reduce the amount of time they typically spend on housework by at least 8 hours a month using a combination of three or more select Smalllogo appliances or they can return the appliances to their place of purchase within 30 days and get their money back!

Frigidaire Test Drive Mom

Get in on the fun!

Smalllogo wants to know what you would do if you had an extra hour of blissful “me-time”. Starting May 8th, moms can go to to report the five things they would do with an extra hour each day. All participants will be entered for a chance to win an entire suite of NEW Frigidaire appliances. Plus, check out other prizes you can win – like a gorgeous new Smalllogo Affinity washer/dryer.

Become a Smalllogo Facebook Fan! Say that ten times in a row.

Many thanks to and Frigidaire for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a Smalllogo Test Drive Mom!

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