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Little Tikes Picnic n’ Playhouse

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Outdoor Toys

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"This is awesome!" – Madelyn, 2 years old

Those were Madelyn's first words when she saw the Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse all put together.  While Tim was building the playhouse she couldn't stay off of it and had her share of yelling at, but now that it's built she doesn't want to come out of it.  I don't blame her.  She eats her breakfast and lunch in her playhouse when it's nice outside while I enjoy a nice peaceful meal on the back porch.  So besides being a great toy for Madelyn, the Picnic n' Playhouse from Little Tikes gives me a few minutes to myself each day that I literally didn't have before.  Who would have thought a toddler playhouse could do that for a mom?

The Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse is relatively easy to put together.  The only tools we needed were a mallet, a power screw driver and the playhouse was built within about 2 hours including breaks.

What Madelyn loves about the Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse:Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse

  • She can eat inside or outside the house with the fold-down table and pop in/out chairs
  • The working light
  • She likes to play princess or captain on the platform at the top of the slide and climbing wall
  • She gets to call all of her friends from inside her playhouse with her very own cordless phone
  • The slide is her relaxing spot when she's tuckered out from a long day on the phone

What I love about the Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse

  • It's spacious enough for both Madelyn (2) and Sebastian (9) to fit inside and enjoy
  • It's easy to move from place to place in the yard.  I like to keep her out of the sun.
  • I can enjoy a snack outside the house while she's inside but were both sitting on a slide out chair.

I wish..

  • The slide was a little longer
  • That there could be a floor
  • A doorbell would be cute!
  • I had one when I was a kid.

You can buy a Little Tikes Picnic n' Playhouse right from the Little Tikes website or from  I think it's shipping free from here.  Double check.

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