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Leslie Patricelli – super cute books

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Books

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Leslie has such a fun personal story. She may not think so, she probably thinks she has a normal life.. don't we all?  The first line of her Bio on her web site is "I  live in the mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho".  There's something about me saying I live in Marietta, GA that doesn't sound quite as exciting as 'the mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho'.   She goes on to tell readers that her favorite food is Spaghetti and that she's had several jobs including being a ski instructor, a nanny, and an animator.  You can tell from her Bio that she is fun, silly, and loves to write for kids.


Leslie's books are fun and simple making them a top pick for Madelyn.  She wants to read Leslie's books over and over again. What I love about her books is that they leave room for imagination.  Like when Madelyn and I read "Higher! Higher!", there aren't many words on each page which makes it fun for Madelyn and I to make up our own mini-stories for each page.  For example, in Higher! Higher!, the little girl swings in the clouds.  Madelyn and I talk about who is on the airplane in the illustration, what they're doing and other silly stuff.  We have a lot of fun with Leslie's books.

You can see Leslie Patricelli's collection of books on her website and there are fun games to play and coloring sheets on her site too.  Enjoy!


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