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First Years Kickin’ Coaster + win one!

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year

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When Sebastian was an infant 9 years ago, I bought a kicking toy, back play mat thingy for him.  He laid on the floor and if he was lucky his feet would hit the little things that dangled down and activated some obnoxious noises.  I was so excited about it.  Sebastian however screamed when his kicks activated it.  It went back to the store the same day.  Tim laughed and laughed at me. 

Kickin-coasterThe Kickin' Coaster from First Years is along the same concept but on a much more soothing, less obnoxious level.  The Kickin' Coaster is a baby seat and activity seat in one and is great for newborns and infants.  New babies kick a lot.  Sometimes on purpose and sometimes not.  The Kickin' Coaster gives your baby something in return for those active kicks, a fun smooth gliding movement, that is sure to delight them!

The seat also includes a stationary setting, perfect for soothing a baby to sleep with vibrations and twinkling lights.  With its soothing vibrations, playful songs
and lights, the Kickin Coaster provides fun, strengthening, educational
playtime for baby!

A few key features and benefits:

  • two seats in one: a soothing infant seat, and an active play seat
  • soothing vibrations
  • twinkle lights for visual tracking
  • removable teether rattle for infant play
  • teaches cause and effect
  • strengthens leg muscles

GIVEAWAY!  Hold on to your knickers.. we have 3 Kickin' Coasters to give to lucky The Mommy Insider subscribers
The Mommy Insider subscribers (subscribe here (opens a new window)) can enter to win a Kickin' Coaster!  Just leave a comment below telling me why you want to win a Kickin' Coaster and for two entries tell me in your comment what size batteries the Kickin' Coaster takes!

Learn more about and buy the Kickin' Coaster at the Learning Curve website.

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