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Children’s Claratin.. saves the day! Sebastian’s at least

by Alicia in Health

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Claratin-kidsMy 9 year old son Sebastian has a terrible time with allergies in the Spring.  He sneezes from the minute he wakes up all the way into the night and even has sneeze attacks while asleep.  Just last week I emailed his teacher while he was at school, to tell her that he has a really bad time with his eyes during pollen season and she wrote me back right away saying that she already sent him to the nurse's office because his eyes were so red and itchy!

I started him on Children's Claratin that I had just received from BuzzAgent (great timing!) that afternoon and he's been much better since.  In fact I'm going to the store to stock up in just a little bit.  Sebastian prefers pills that he can swallow and as far as I can tell, Claratin doesn't offer a swallowable pill for kids.  That's my only gripe.

Sinupretkids_160x320 Sebastian also uses a product called Sinupret for Kids that I sware by.  Sinupret is a proprietary blend of European Elder, Common Sorrel, Cowslip, European
Vervain and Gentian that he takes every day for immune system support, health nasal passages, and it supports the upper respiratory system.  Madelyn also uses Sinupret for Kids.. that's how much I think it works and trust it.

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