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Your thoughts and prayers please

by Alicia in Personal

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I typically don't publish personal posts here but I can't help but request your thoughts and prayers for the next few days.

My Uncle passed away this morning.
Despite the fact that it was somewhat expected, it was still a shock to get the phone call.
He had Alzheimer's and was only in his mid 60's. He suffered with Alzheimer's for going on about 10 years now, but before the last 10 years he was humorous, always trying to make us laugh. He was the type to say "pull my finger" and make silly sounds. Yes, it was gross.. there's no denying that. But the silly things that he did made him special and made him stand out in my memories as I got older.

Besides being very sad that he has passed, I am more sad for my cousins who are too young (early 30's and 40) to have lost their father already. My cousin Kami has two young children, 3 and 1 who called him Papa and loved him dearly despite Papa not knowing who they were some of the time. The kids saw my Uncle, their Grandfather Papa, almost every day for their entire lives and grew up knowing him as he was and accepted and loved him that way.

I was under the impression that Alzheimer's sufferers usually died of other complications such as Pneumonia but from what I understand my Uncle died suddenly this morning after asking for help to sit up. He apparently died in my Aunt and cousin's arms very quickly and unexpectedly. I can't imagine their shock and heartache to experience his passing that way.

The kids and I will go to Kentucky for the funeral Thursday a.m. and spend a couple of days there. I am not sure whether or not I will take the kids to the funeral as they were just saw him over Thanksgiving and I feel as though they, especially my 9 year old, might take it very hard to see his body. Madelyn, my 2 year old probably wouldn't know the difference. Sebastian however, went to my Grandfather's funeral over the summer and took it pretty hard. I don't know if I can put him through that again.

I would appreciate your prayers for my cousins as I know this will be very difficult for them.



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