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CozyMe Nursing, Tummy Time, and Sitting Pillow

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Breastfeeding

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CozymepillowThe award winning CozyMe Pillow stands out from others because of the many ways it can be configured.  It's an all-in-one nursing pillow, a tummy time pillow, and a baby sitting pillow.  The CozyMe pillow has a wedge that can be placed on the inner part of the pillow allowing your baby to sit up and drink her bottle instead of having to lay down completely.

The different configurations and accessories (a wedge and a propup) allow nursing mothers to be comfortable, and helping babies develop their arms, stomach, upper and lower back muscles.

CozyMe Pillow is great for:

  • nursing
  • babies with reflux (wedge allows baby to be propped high)
  • babies learning to sit 
  • moms larger than size 6 (CozyMe doesn't have to wrap around you while nursing)
  • tummy time

CozyMe is available in several colors and patterns and you can even buy an extra cover, which is a must have! 

Price: $37.95 | Learn more

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