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Zen Class Nirvana Organizer

by Alicia in Diaper Bags, Organization, Travel

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I was recently given a Zen Class Nirvana Organizer to review and it couldn't have arrived at a better time.  It is an awesome organizational and 'sanity keeper' tool.  Used on an airplane, the  Zen Class Nirvana Organizer mounts directly to the seat back tray table of the seat in front of you, keeping all your in-flight essentials within arm's reach.  When I was taking things out of the bag in front of Tim and Sebastian, they were cracking up because they said it looked like I was never going to stop finding things to take out of the bag!  Boys are easily ammused.  I felt like a modern day Mary Poppins.

There are eleven zippered and mesh storage compartments of varying sizes including pockets especially for your cell phone, plane tickets, credit cards, and cash.

The Zen Class Nirvana Organizer can also be put on thZenclass2e headrest of a car seat in front of your child so they can reach their snacks, cup, crayons, and toys. No more screaming for help from mommy or daddy to pick their favorite toy up off the floor. Each child should have their own Zen Class Nirvana Organizer!

I highly reccomend buying at least one Zen Class Nirvana Organizer before you start travelling this holiday season.

Price: $39.99

Available at the Zen Class online store

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