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My life this week

by Alicia in Personal

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FloridasebastiangrandmaWe arrived in Florida from Atlanta Friday and have had such a great time. My
father lives on a lake (it's a small spring fed lake without alligators!) and a huge yard with perfect green grass, we like to stay at the house so we can play outside and enjoy the looking at the lake.

Here are a few reasons I love coming here..

  • Floridamadelyndock
    The kids have a blast playing outside most of their awake time.  It gets cold in Atlanta so the warm weather is great!
  • I can sit on the back porch and watch them play while I look at the lake which is really relaxing for me
  • My sister or Tim usuFloridaonthelake
    ally come with the kids and I and help watch and play with the kids giving me little breaks.
  • I can work at the dining room table which is surrounded by windows about 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall making it possible for me to look outside and watch the kids interact with my Dad, Step-Mom or Sister and I can see the lake.
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