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invisibelt: get rid of belt buckle bump + giveaway

by Alicia in Clothes - mom & dad

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All belt, no bulk.  That's the tag line for invisibelt and it's absolutely true.  If you wear belts, there is a good chance that the invisibelt will replace your favorite belts.  Don't you hate the bump that appears under your shirt from the belt buckle?  I do.  It kind of takes away from the purpose of the belt.  Why wear a belt with a bulky buckle that makes your shirt look funny when you can wear a belt that is flat and smooth and won't give your tummy that weird bump traditional belts do.


The invisibelt is adjustable like a bra, comes regular size fitting sizes 0-14 and plus size fitting up to 4x and is available in clear and noir (black).  See the invisibelt in action here

Price: The invisibelt is $19.95 for one color or get both colors for $34.94.

Where to buy:

We have 3 invisbelts to give away! 
Two regular size and one plus size.  Here's how to enter to win an invisibelt:  Choose one

1) Write a post on your blog linking to this post then email the link to me (alicia @ along with the size you want.

2) Tell me what you think of invisibelt in the comments box below – don't forget to tell me what size you want.

3) If you are on Twitter, retweet my invisibelt twitter post. You can follow me on Twitter here
The format of your 'retweet' will be RT@mommyinsider 'then paste my original tweet after'.  I will find your tweet on the page and will notify you via twitter if you are the winner!  More about retweeting here.

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