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Painted children’s room decor from Tatutina

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Bedding - baby & kids, Nursery & Room Decor

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Tatutina-binsMadelyn is past the 'nursery room' stage so we've been transi
tioning to decor pieces that are more bright and vibrant in color.  Pastels and light colors were wonderful for her first year but I think her room needs brighter colors now.  Tatutina children's room decor pieces are adorable and would be great for any toddler's room.

Tatutina's "Happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle" are beautifully designed wooden pieces, and are painted with vibrant colors including pinks, purples, blues and reds.  Tatutina uses non-toxic paint and sealers and the edges of the wooden pieces are nice and smooth so I wouldn't worry about Madelyn getting a splinter or licking herself into toxicity.  Yes, I worry about those things!

You can shop by collection such as the Tatutina Flowers Collection pictured here.  Items in the collections include book-ends, a keepsake box, mini-bins, and a wastebasket.  I love the hand-painted look and feel of Tatutina's decor pieces and can imagine that Madelyn will like these pieces well into her tween years if not longer.  The Dinosaurs, Animals and Sports designs are great for a little boy's room.

Prices are in the $20 range.

Tatutina children's room decor and gift items are available at the Tatutina store!

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