Fill in the Blankie – a completely customizable baby blanket

FillintheblankieTaking customization one step further, Fill in the Blankie is the 'pimp my blankie' version of the hit MTV show Pimp my Ride.  You will never buy another 'baby store' blanket again after having a Fill in the Blankie blanket.  

company president, Todd Lilly, offers customers the most personalization you can
find on a blanket. He's not kidding around when he says personalized baby blanket. 

Customers can choose:

  • The font style and thread color
  • Up to 200 characters to be embroidered around the edges of the blanket
  • 3 blanket sizes
  • Select from many fabric and satin trim color combination's.
  • There are what seems like an endless amount of customization choices.

A Fill in the Blankie blanket will make a great new baby or holiday gift!

Available at: Fill in the Blankie

3 thoughts on “Fill in the Blankie – a completely customizable baby blanket

  1. These are just adorable. I have been looking for something to get my newborn for Christmas and I think this is it. I love that you can personalize all four sides. I also love the idea that each one is unique. Thanks for helping me find this site!

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