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My Meebas – a handheld game for 8+ girls

by Alicia in Toys

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This is a toy I would have loved to have had as a kid. My Meebas is a handheld game with cute little 'meeba's' that swim around on the screen, make cute sounds, and lead players on adventures (games).  The 20+ games take the player through 7 levels of evolution and when all levels are accomplished the tube opens and the player is presented with a pleasant plush surprise.

I wish the price was a bit lower and that the screen was full color, but for a toy that will occupy players for days it's worth it!  My Meebas are currently available in four tube colors. The handheld game tube has a sliding LCD screen with
three game play buttons that allow the player to see “inside” the game tube
and follow the progression of My Meebas™. The player helps it “grow” by
playing various games and activities. What's inside is a surprise making the game addictive until the tube pops open.

Available at My Meebas

Cost: Approx. $22

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