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Mrs. Goodbee Doll House

by Alicia in Toys

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Mrs. Goodbee DollhouseCaring Corners "Mrs. Goodbee" Doll House is a toy dollhouse, talking dollhouse, and furnished dollhouse all in one.   What more can a little girl ask for? 
Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee Doll House interacts with children as they play.  With over 400 playful activities, songs, words and sounds, eyes that open, a mouth that lights up and a voice, this doll house  truly comes alive keeping kids entertained for hours at a time.. that's a really good thing.   If a child places a crying baby in its cradle and rocks it, he or she will be rewarded with a lullaby.   This 12 room dollhouse promotes caring and sharing, good manners, and responsibility around the house. 

Fill the doll house rooms with over 12 fun doll packs including a 'family fun night' doll pack and a 'fix it fun' doll pack for the little brother that wants to join in on the fun!

Share the joy of giving with your child by participating in the Carton of CaringTM Donation Program.  Fill the dollhouse box with gently-used toys or laundered clothing and take it to any Goodwill location in the U.S. or Canada.

Age recommendation: 3+

Available at Caring Corners – Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse

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