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Matchbox Pop Up 360° Haunted House Adventure Set

by Alicia in Holiday, Toys

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I have a hard time getting inspired to decorate for Halloween.  Getting costumes is enough.  In fact, Sebastian has worn the same costume for two or three years.. we just switch it up a little every year.

Lucky for the kids, inspiration came in the form of a Matchbox Pop Up 360° Haunted House Adventure Set this year. Watching them play with this toy helped me get motivated to do something different for Halloween this year.  Different = actually get involved in Halloween activities and show some Halloween spirit.  For example, Sebastian helped unload the local pumpkin patch’s delivery truck and I have put together what I think is going to be a super cute costume for Madelyn… before the day before Halloween!

The spooky sounds, moving parts, and characters including a ghost, knight, and a skeleton make the Matchbox Haunted House set fun to play with a lot and it folds up so the kids can toss it in the car and take it to Grandmother’s house to play with there.   I love the trap doors, and the ghost.  I put the ghost on my finger and Madelyn cracks up.  She’s easily amused.. sometimes.  The accessories fit nicely inside the house so they won’t get lost and the house has a carry handle for easy transportation.

Available at here: MATCHBOX Pop Up 360° Haunted House Adventure Set

Cost: Around $34

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