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Being Dad – An inspirational DVD for dads and moms-to-be.

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BeingdaddvdBe informed & be inspired by Being Dad.  Being Dad, the only DVD of its kind, offers expecting Dads more information than any book can explain and best of all it’s all from a man’s point of view.  Featuring interviews with new dads from all over the country, and easy-to-understand advice from experts, this DVD is one that expecting dads won’t mind watching time and time again. In fact, expecting dads will find Being Dad exceptionally entertaining, relieving, a
nd maybe a little shocking at times.  Relieving some fears and possibly bringing on new fears, Being Dad is an honest walk-through experience of expecting and new dad’s lives.

I was shocked that the actual birth of a baby was shown on Being Dad.  I knew the birth of my two children wasn’t the most beautiful sight in the world, but I NEVER imaged that the birth of my children was anything like the jaw dropping, mind blowing ‘action’ I saw in this movie.  Tim confirmed that indeed the birth of my two children was exactly like what is shown in Being Dad.  You definitely don’t want your kids in the room during certain parts of the movie. 

Shorter and less painful than the average labour, Being Dad is an 80 minute-DVD that will take expecting Dads through a miriad of emotions from happy to sad to ‘holy cow, what’s happening to my wife’?

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Price: Approximately $26.99

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