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WrapMaster plastic wrap and aluminum foil dispensers

by Alicia in Food and Drink, Gadgets

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Wrapmaster_plastic_2At the beginning of the school year, kids like to think that they will buy lunch at school but it never fails, after the first couple of weeks they are begging mom to pack a lunch so they don’t have to eat the yucky meatloaf and green beans served by the school. I don’t blame them. What is the primary food that moms pack in their kids school lunch? A sandwich. Where there is a sandwich, there is plastic wrap. That is where WrapMaster comes in.

The WrapMaster is an inexpensive, easy to use and safe plastic wrap and aluminum foil container and dispenser. These neat little dispensers make it easy to store and use plastic wrap or foil without getting yourself wrapped up in plastic wrap or cutting your fingers on the sharp edges of the box.

WrapMaster dispensers are easy to use. Just pull out what you need and push down the lid and you get perfectly cut plastic wrap or aluminum foil every time. No fighting with the box, the wrap or sharp edges! The safety shield protects little fingers from the blade and the WrapMaster snaps shut when not in use.

Available as single units or combo packs, WrapMaster can be purchased online at http://www.wrapmasterusa.com, QVC, and Linens N’ Things retail stores.

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