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Morgan’s Mine Adventure Playset

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Toys

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Most of the child population likes Thomas the Tank Engine.  Now kids can relive the adventures of the brand-new Thomas
and "The Great Discovery" DVD story with
Morgan’s Mine Adventure Playset which is great for toddlers 3+.

The 35-piece Take Along playset is packed with fun sounds, lights, and obstacles and keeps Madelyn’s attention.  She loves setting Thomas at the top of the track, pushing the button and watching Thomas go down the track really fast and I love the cardboard walls that keep the vehicles from  falling off the track.  I  get really frustrated with trains that go right off the track as soon as they go a little fast but these don’t.  She does this over and over again.  There is a little button at the top of the track that she pushes to release the train onto the track and after that it is all action!

The tracks are easy to put together and take apart and the set is portable making it great for taking to Grandmother’s house and for cleaning up quickly.  There is even a storage area where the vehicles can be stored.  The vehicles feature durable die-cast construction and magnet connectors.

Watch this video as Madelyn, two years old, plays with Morgan’s Mine Adventure Playset. It may sound like I am yelling at the beginning so you might want to be sure your computer’s volume is not too loud.  I was trying to talk over the playset’s sounds and Madelyn’s excitement.

Price: $39.99

Available at: Learning Curve

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