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Ladybug and Roly Poly playgrounds by Uncle Milton’s Toys

by Alicia in Age 5-7, Outdoor Toys, Toys

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Ladybug_viewer Uncle Milton’s ladybug and roly poly domed habitats have colorful playground equipment, a lid that snaps shut and air holes.  One night Sebastian left a little ‘jumping bug’ in the dome overnight and to my surprise it was still alive in the morning.  It must have spend the night sliding and playing under the playground equipment to help pass the time. 

Each playground dome has playground equipment suitable for a different type of bug.  Because we don’t have many ladybugs near our home, Sebastian put other bugs in the dome and they (the bugs) enjoyed it just as well.  I favor the roly poly dome.  Roly poly’s are so cute and fun to watch.  You don’t have to put roly poly’s in the dome if you don’t have any around your home.  Pretty much any bug will do although it is probably best not to put two bugs that don’t get along, prey and predator, in the same dome.

At less than $10 each these playgrounds make great gifts.

You can learn more about the playgrounds at the Uncle Milton website and you can check current prices at

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