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Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe: an everything bag for parents on the go

by Alicia in Diaper Bags, Organization, Travel

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Fall is the season when the kids actually want to be outside and I do to.  Enough of the scorching hot days already!  What do parents do when they go on a day trip?  Pack, pack, pack as if they are going camping for a week.

I recently got a Ju-Ju-Be WannaBe bag and it is perfect for those day trips to the playground or park.  Besides being easy to carry either on my shoulders or back, the WannaBe has tons of features that make organizing the 100+ things I feel like I have to take, simple.  I can easily fit two sippy cups, snacks for two kids and for Tim and I, toys (for the kids), a notepad, crayons, one or more changes of clothes for at least one of my kids, Madelyn’s baby doll, my wallet, a book, magazines, my toiletries, and I could easily fit a first aid kit, a small puppy and my laptop.  Yes, the bag can get heavy but I would rather carry one bag than tote three bags through the park or playground.  The best thing is that the 19" x 17"x 8" WannaBe converts to a backpack without sacrificing inside space, so I can carry the bag on my shoulders or back.  This is not your average diaper bag.. it’s fun, bold designs and size makes it great for toting everything your kids need for a night at Grandma’s house or a friend’s house. 

As with most Ju-Ju-Be’s bags, the WannaBe uses magnets instead of velcro (too loud!), has an insulated pocket (the WannaBe insulated pocket covers the entire width of the inside of the bag), tons of mesh pockets, and padded straps.  The WannaBe also features three soft lined pockets to keep your sunglasses, iPod, and cell phone safe.  On the outside there is a magazine, book, and towel holder.  And the two clear wet pouches keep cosmetics, electronics, and other items safe from water.  I can’t forget the Sand Trap.  You can unzip the bottom of the WannaBe and shake the sand out while the mesh bottom keeps everything in the bag.

Price: About $160

Available at: Check for an online store that carries Ju-Ju-Be or find a retailer near you

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