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Diaper Cakewalk diaper cakes

by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents

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Diapercakewalk1If you want to surprise your friend with an incredible baby shower gift, get her a diaper cake.  I didn’t know these existed until after I had Madelyn, over two years ago.   Had I known, I may have asked for one.  Packed with diapers, toiletries necessary for baby’s first days and weeks, and in some cases a toy Diaper cakes make a great gift for expecting or new parents.  Diaper Cakewalk’s diaper cakes are available in different styles and colors including gender neutral for those who don’t know if they are having a boy or girl.  Did you know that the average new born uses 6-8 diapers a day?  I think I used more than that!  These diaper cakes have new parents covered, at least for a week or so, with size 1-2 brand name diapers.  The eco-friendly diaper cakes come with Seventh Generation diapers and Baby Avalon products.  I used Seventh Generation diapers for Madelyn and loved them.

Some other things that are or can be included in a Diaper Cakewalk diaper cake are baby
booties, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, a teddy bear, and scented
diaper sacks.  See, I’m not kidding when I say that these diaper cakes
have everything a new parent needs for the first few weeks.  I think the Transportation diaper cake is adorable.  In addition to all of the essentials, this diaper cake has three plush baby vehicle toys that make sounds and are the perfect size for little babies.

The presentation of each diaper cake is beautiful and will make a great center piece at a baby shower.  I have no doubt that a Diaper Cakewalk diaper cake will make lots of expecting and new moms very happy.  What other gift gives parents everything they need for baby for in the hospital and for when they get home?

Parents or gift givers can create a diaper cake that fits their budget and needs starting at $39. Diaper cakes start at 3 tiers and can be built with up to 5 tiers and a couple of Diaper Cakewalk diaper cakes I really like are the gingham and cappuchino eco-friendly.

Where to buy: Diaper Cakewalk

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