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David Blaine: Dive of Death – a mom’s thoughts

by Alicia in Parents & celebrities in the news

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David blain’s Dive of Death show just ended and I am curious about what other parents thought about the show, the stunt, did you let your kids watch, and were you impressed or disapponted?

I have to admit that I was a little diassapoited with the finale. After all the ‘Dive of Death’ hype on ABC, I expected David to jump 40 feet to the ground free from any safety equipment. I’m not saying that I thing diving 40+ feet to the ground is a smart choice but instead I am trying to point out how what we hear on the news, gossip, and hype advertising can be misleading and/or how us as viewers expect something totally different from what really happens. Sound farmiliar? How many times have you as a parent told your kids that the toy in the commercial they just saw, doesn’t really move on it’s own or fly through the air as expected?
I would love to know if you let your kids watch the finale and what you thought.

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