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Wooden toy review: Cone stacking rings

by Alicia in Educational Toys, Toys, Wooden Toys

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Madelyn has the Jumbo Wooden Lacing Beads and the Cone Stacking Rings from Holgate Toys and she loves them!  The beads are laced onto rope, not a string.  The thick rope eases the challenge of lacing the beads and therefore holds Madelyn’s attention longer than when lacing beads on a string.  These lacing beads are great for developing fine motor skills as she is required to hold the rope with one hand and get the bead on the rope with the other.  Sounds easy, but not necessarily so for a toddler.  These toys are great for teaching colors, and counting as well as fine motor skills.  Holgate Toys wooden toys are brightly colored, very durable and the weight and size are just right for little hands.  Madelyn is proud of herself when she gets all of the beads on the rope and the rings on the cone.  It’s nice to see her so proud!

Holgate Toys,  a manufacturer of wooden toys for over 200 years creates brightly colored wooden toys for infants and up.  Holgate’s early toy designer was Jarvis Rockwell, Holgate_cone1brother of famous illustrator Norman Rockwell. Jarvis Rockwell’s concern for safety, durability and educational play earned him recognition as America’s premier toy designer during this period and Holgate has kept their standards high throughout the years.  You will find Infant Toys, Educational Toys, Developmental Toys, and Personalized Toys at Holgate Toys.  Holgate Toys was turned to by Mr. Rogers to manufacture replicas of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Trolley and other toys.  If I remember correctly, Mr. Rogers was a bit meticulous so can you imagine what kind of requirements he had for the toy line?  Holgate obviously met and probably exceeded those requirements and to this day still manufacturer’s Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood toys.

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Website: Holgate Toys

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