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‘Topper’s’ from Neat Solutions keep kids germ-free and tables mess-free

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If you are a parent, you know what toddler meal-time and craft time is like.  Messy!!  There is no reason to stress about the mess I have to clean up after the kids eat or paint anymore.  When Madelyn wants to paint, I get a Table Topper out of the kitchen cabinet, stick it on the table, and I know clean up is going to be a breeze.  All I have to do is pull the Table Topper up and throw it away, or whenever I can, I fold it up and use it again another day.  Table Topper’s are also great when eating out.  The thought of Madelyn or Sebastian eating food that falls onto the table is gross, so I use a Table Topper when we go out now.. which isn’t that often.

Neat Solutions, a family owned business, created the Table Topper, Potty Topper (love them!), and the Floor Topper.  All Topper’s are disposable but if you don’t mind using a little tape to stick the Table Topper down a second, or third time, you can re-use it.  Just wipe it off and you’ll have to cover the sticky tape with something.. I use paper, then fold it up and put it away.  I don’t recommend re-using the Potty Topper, but they are one of my favorite Topper’s.  Potty Topper’s came in really handy during our road trips this summer.  Tim laughed at me the first time I pulled a Potty Topper out at a rest area, but after he took her to the restroom one time, he realized that the Potty Topper is a necessity in public restrooms.

I don’t doubt that Table Topper’s will quickly become an essential in your diaper bag.  Other Neat Solutions products include disposable bibs, changing pads, Floor Topper, and multi-use pads which are great to use when burping your new baby.  Topper’s are available in Disney, Baby Einstein, Pooh designs and more generic and modern so no matter what your taste, you will find Topper’s that are just your style.

You can buy Topper’s at most Target, Babies R’ Us, Wal-mart, and Toys R’ Us locations and online. 

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Website: Table Toppers

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