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The Busy Body Book personal family grid organizer

by Alicia in Books, Organization

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It took me about six years to realize that I needed to have one calendar where Tim and I could see each other’s schedule for the month.  I had to ask Tim if he could take Sebastian to Cub Scouts or baseball and was disappointed when he said ‘no’ because he had to work.  Between Cub Scouts, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, visits to Grandmother’s house, and Tim’s work schedule, we never knew who was able to attend what event, or appointment.  Then I was introduced to the Busy Body Book which has helped me tremendously.  With the Busy Body Book, Tim and I can see what everyone has planned, who is able to take the kids where, and where our schedules overlap, and plan accordingly.

I started using BBB about two years ago and won’t going back to using ‘traditional’ calendar.  The Busy Body Book is a grid organizer that allows up to five different family members to have their own column in which their schedule can be writen.  In my case, I have a column for my personal appointments, one for work, one for Tim’s work schedule, one for Sebastian, one for Madelyn, and one for family events and appointments.   Each page covers one week from Monday to Sunday. 


Adjacent to each weekly grid page is a To Doodles page.  Half of the page is blank and the other half is a checklist area.  There are two pockets, one in the inner front and one in the inner back of the organizer.  There are twenty one perforated To Do lists that are perfect for grocery lists and for listing questions you want to ask the pediatrician during your next visit.  You don’t have to worry about something happening to your Busy Body Book when it is in your handbag or diaper bag because it has a plastic cover which helps keep the pages from tearing and getting wet, both of which are likely to happen to anything in your bag not covered in plastic.

I am so glad I have a Busy Body Book.  I hated having to ask Tim what his schedule for the week was and what appointments he could go to.  He gets a full month schedule at a time so I am able to fill in my Busy Body Book once a month and plan appointments accordingly which relieves a lot of stress.  If you have more than one school age child, I know you will love the Busy Body Book.  It will definitely help keep you organized.

Website: Busy Body Book

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