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Polly Pocket™ Pop ‘N Swap™ Fashion Dolls

by Alicia in Toys

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Polly was a good friend of mine back in the day.  I don’t recall being able to change Polly’s outfit’s when I was young, so I am very excited about the new Pop N’ Swap Polly and can’t wait until Madelyn is old enough to play with them without me fearing that she will eat Polly’s head.

Polly™ Pop ‘N Swap™ Fashion Dolls are totally pose-able and customizable.  Girls can mix-and-match different outfits (included) for Polly™ and friends as they Pop ‘N Swap™ five heads, nine torsos and nine bottoms to create over thousands of different fashion combination’s. I think each doll has the potential of 400+ combination’s.  Don’t forget these on your next road trip, I see a lot of quiet time potential here!

There are several Pop N’ Swap doll sets each with a unique theme including a beach doll set,  a disco doll set, and a sport doll set.  Each doll set includes four 4" dolls and lots of Pop ‘N Swap fashions.

Polly Pop N’ Swap Fashion Dolls make a great birthday party activity!  Buy a few Polly Pop N’ Swap doll sets and let the girls at the party use their imagination to create their own unique Polly by trying on and trading outfits, heads, etc.  Forget the pinata, these will keep them occupied for a while and the girls will have a fun gift to take home!  What fun!!

In addition to making a great gift, when a girl sends Polly an invitation to her birthday party, Polly will send her back a personal birthday wish and the birthday girl will be entered for a chance to win the entire 2008 line of Polly Pocket toys!  One girl will be selected each month from now till the end of the year. Polly’s address is:
Polly Pocket
P.O. Box 877
New York, NY 10108

Price: $19.99

Age: 4+

Buy here: Amazon

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